Just what IS a sprat, anyway?


Scraps and sprats! Splendid! I love how everyone here looks so relieved that it all came together.

That phrase has stuck with me since I heard it years ago on a favorite BBC television show: Monarch of the Glen. In this episode from series 6, Donald saves the day by assembling an impromptu fancy dinner of leftovers (aka scraps and sprats) for Lucy’s pretentious parents, who are meeting her new boyfriend for the first time (with the old one in tow.) Awkward!

According to Merriam Webster a sprat is, specifically, a small European marine fish (Latin: Sprattus sprattus – really a stretch there) and, Continue reading


Foraging for Morels in Idaho

Morels come in several shapes, sizes, and colors. They are all delicious!

In Idaho, beginning in April and continuing on through early summer, one can often find baskets of wild-harvested morel mushrooms for sale in farmers markets and natural grocery stores. For those who have tasted these delicious wild fungi, the opportunity to purchase them right off the shelf with the weekly groceries is a hard one to pass up. However, with prices ranging from $20 to $40 per pound depending on seasonal availability, you might be motivated to see if you can find them yourself, for free. You can! With a few tips, you can join other enthusiasts in a hobby that promotes local eating, exercise, continuing education, and consideration for your local community and environment. Here’s how to get started: Continue reading